My buddy Tripp asked me to post this e-mail. I th…

My buddy Tripp asked me to post this e-mail. I think, In order for y’all to understand what I am talking about you need to check out his blos (click his name), and read the post called “radical ortho-what “…it is probably archived right now.

My take about the radical ortho-what along with the whole “cultivating love in a …”.

I think, and please note that this is from a non-seminarian (haha), that the whole point is to get back to the basics of what the church is…a community based on hospitality and love. not a place where we show how fancy we are

with out gold plated communion cups. know what i am saying?

“How many times have we ‘sold’ the faith in the name of evangelism?” I guess the above is my response to this statement.

I think one of the most “post-modern” things to do is to break things down to their most basic element…I like doing this with my theatre, and I think it would work in revitalizing the church. To paraphase: faith hope and

love…the most important of these is love. I think the church needs to say I love you…let people realize that that is the whole basis of why Christ died…the ultimate gift (see John 3.16). Unfortunately there are many who

think and rightfully so the church is saying I judge you…where does that

come from.

Ok. enough rambling. I hope you understand the stream of conciouness thing.




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