Fustration….annoyance….this is the second time…

Fustration….annoyance….this is the second time i have to post this…the dang thing would not post and now everything is erased…uggg.

my origional post was a description of my weekend, but now i am so fustrated that i will just vent for a few moments. see the title down there “can you believe”…well that is all that posted.

ok. what i was asking if you could believe is this story. It really makes me sick. people staking out abortion clinics and taking pictures of the women and posting them on the internet…sometimes with their medical histories. what really irks me is the fact that the perpetrators do these things in the guise of being “good and faithful servants”. If you ask me a “good and faithful servant” would try to take care of someone who has just made, probably, one of her most difficult decisions…but I guess that would be aiding and abedding a murderer. Uggg…and you wonder why people are turned off by the church. please check out www.rcrc.org a pro-faith, pro-family, pro-choice organization.

anyway…i think the veins in my neck have now returned to normal. i want to give a shout out to my buddy Billy. He came back from Thailand an engaged man…no, it is not what you think…Megan went with him. He told me the most scarry part of airport security was when they were unpacking his bag and he was terrified Megan would see the ring box.

Well, peace all and have a good night.


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